Hi, I'm Jason, and this is my portfolio. I'm passionate about building things fast and turning design mocks into prototypes.

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2017 with a B.S. in Information Systems and a B.S. in Human Computer Interaction. I am currently a Software Engineer at Intuit stationed in Mountain View, CA. I work on the the UI for getting Quickbooks customers signed up for Payments. You can find my resume here or scroll down.

Some of my hobbies include analog photography, music, design, and working out. You can checkout my instagram here. Feel free to shoot me an email at jasonc1@alumni.cmu.edu to talk anything about code, UI/UX, photography (both digital and analog), or anything else.



react with redux/redux-saga application

I currently work at Intuit as a Software Engineer primarily focused on React with Redux + Redux Saga. My team focuses on Payments Onboarding, where we maintain the sign up flows for QuickBooks customers to get set up with Payments. I spent my time at Intuit driving my own projects not only on the user experience but also the technical implementation. Click here to read more about my projects: DocUploader, Intuit Design Systems Accordion, and more.


designs and branding

StratRoulette [SR] is a project created by my good friend Justin Chen from CMU. SR essentially rolls the dice for you and randomly decides, based on community sourced plays or strats, how you should play each round of CounterStrike. What was first a weekend project eventually grew and gained a huge amount of traction, and now we are working on re-skinning the whole website as well as adding new features. I work primarily as his designer, and I oversee the front end development of the site.


designs and high-fidelity prototypes

Chartly was a several week exercise where I took the option of making a unique tool for UX designers to help users simply generate charts (bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, and maybe a few more common ones) so that they would not have to come up with fake data but more importantly not have to design a graphic to display data.


designs and ruby on rails application

Manna was a semester long project that I had the pleasure of working with Prof H as an independent study during my last semester of college in effort to help alleviate the painful paper based process that his church went through to provide aid for fellow members. I designed the mobile-first UI and implemented a system in Ruby on Rails in a matter of months to deliver to Prof H's church.


designs and high-fidelity prototypes

Viewfinder is small exercise that was created based on my own experiences as a photographer: people kept asking me for camera recommendations, and I loved giving feedback and advice to others, but I found myself asking the same set of questions: what's your budget? what type of photography are you interested in? etc.I wanted to make something that could be interactive and somewhat specific enough that could be tailored towards helping someone find a camera that suits their needs without breaking their wallet.


Designs and usability analysis

As a sneakerhead, I browse the internet for information on new shoes, and one of the main sites is Hypebeast.com. I find the website quite frustrating from a usability standpoint due to how forceful the org is with their content. Furthermore, their articles make it hard to find information as it is hidden within blocks of flowerly language. I take a stab at redesigning their footwear section so that it makes browsing content easier for a user to consume information.


After years of shooting digital, I really enjoy shooting medium format film photography. Here are a few shots that I am particularly fond of.